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I hate how a lot of people are suddenly hating on Arrow because of season 3 being not much as they have expected it to be. The Flash owes its popularity to Arrow and it should always be on top of the said spinoff. Why I’m telling you all of this is that Arrow will have another spinoff that has the same title as the porn site we are going to review today and I just can’t help but be astounded with how these two different universes are actually resonant where it really counts for me. The site is called the VixenX and I’ll do a bit of a sharing for you guys!

The tone and the mood, I am truly pleased with how the new porn sites that are coming to rise are theming themselves. They are quite unconventional in ways you never thought you would actually like. For the Vixen, you will be welcomed by the site’s home page with a serious visage that will tell you to be ready for so many surprising turn of events that will come along the way. This will be said by a hot woman, who, while wearing a jacket with a cowl, exudes with so much sexiness and you can feel that her presence is something that imbues you with a sensual kind of ambiance. In a much simpler way of saying it, this site will bring you into a mood that celebrates the easiest way to find happiness which is called having sex with someone, a beautiful girl with a nice body and a glorious booty.

What makes this site more effective in its pursuit is that it doesn’t squander the awesomeness of its scenes. How? They make sure that all of the videos follow through a series of twists that will boil down to the perfect culmination, giving you a sense of meaning as to how women really end up in bed with guys.

Today, you can explore its vast database of 525 videos that run for around 40 minutes each, with two options of either 720p or 1080p quality. It just sticks to you, all of the videos, and it because they have captivating characters whose names and faces you will never come to forget.

For someone who has sought to have a different perspective on porn, I have found myself amazed with what the VixenX discount offer has been showing to me all this time. It’s the epic kind of pornographic site which you never thought exists.