Bird from Rajasthan Harvey Rosenberg


Published: December 19th 2013

Kindle Edition

32 pages


Bird from Rajasthan  by  Harvey Rosenberg

Bird from Rajasthan by Harvey Rosenberg
December 19th 2013 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 32 pages | ISBN: | 5.41 Mb

Bird from Rajasthan is a story of one bird’s journey to find her beloved. Magical illustrations enliven the words and send them directly to secret corners of our hearts, where they enrich our spirit and help us grow on our spiritual journey.Bird from Rajasthan shows each of us what is possible when great love is guiding us.Since ancient times, Indian scriptures have used the image of a bird as a metaphor for the soul.

In this sweet tale, Starlight the songbird truly lives only by having the darshan of her Beloved. Starlight inspires spiritual seekers by her innocence, determination and one-pointed devotion. She exhibits traits and habits all of us on any spiritual path wish to cultivate, i.e., trust, faith, perseverance, overcoming obstacles, and deepening love for our Creator.This touching story of one bird’s love and devotion, who despite many obstacles, continues to trust inner guidance, giving her needed strength to continue her search.

When she finds him, she is rewarded for her faith. Beautiful illustrations make this a story you’ll remember a long time.Bird from Rajasthan shows us that all devotion leads to the same destination… a heart filled with compassion and love. Its a wonderful reminder for us all, that courage, faith and strength are so very valuable in our lives.

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