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140 Characters  by  Andre C. Clinchant

140 Characters by Andre C. Clinchant
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Danny was middle aged, a time in life where nothing was racier than marshmallows in cocoa. He took the children to music lessons, he let his wife do his laundry and he watched as his job crumbled in the economic gloom of recession. Thank God then for twitter and that birthday present his wife had bought him. In the maelstrom of electronic messages he could live a new life where he was exciting and where the women seemed to swoon and flirt.

And Penny seemed to like him, maybe even fancy him. No advancing grey hair, or redundancy was going to get in the way of his escape. With Penny he could run away and start again.He could stop being middle aged. Shame it was all in his confused head.

A misread message here, a wrong word there and it was so easy to misconstrue everything. But then Jenny, his wife, finds the messages and Dannys life spirals out of control as reality sets in. This was his real life, not some fantasy on twitter. Meanwhile a string of womens bodies appear. A murderer stalks the countryside with no clear motive but unerring success.

Dannys world was a million miles from these murders but the two worlds would collide in time and all because he was on twitter. All because people arent always what they seem in the electronic world.

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