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Every great thing in life was not just thrown right into the vastness which is the world we live in, let alone in the endlessness which is the universe. Rather everything is but a potential and the same thing applies to something that one might take for something frivolous as porn. Porn would not be possible and enjoyable if not because of its participants. As to the expertise of all these talents, we get to see the inception of their stories through a porn site as narrative as the Casting Couch X, which for today is down to be quickly reviewed.

Among the most prostituted posts in funny sites like 9gag would be the black couch with usual captions saying, “All the boys gather and speak of this butt-rest’s glory.” Or pretty much anything to that effect. While common, that does not make it any less funny. It’s always nice to know that regardless of society saying that pornography is a corrupting thing and that it should be removed, it is not. Pretty much anything can become drug-like when taken too much. But for something that is so careful in its creations and so keen of the details and so concerned of its purposes as the Casting Couch, you will be enlightened of the truth behind every fuckable girl in a porn vid with the beautiful scars they have that have let them into thinking that the adult industry is the answer to their perennial dilemmas. It glorifies them as they are cherished by men of all kinds.

I find real life porn sites really interesting and this is rather a shared sentiment as opposed to something as exclusive as a personally contrived and realized thought. I mean, who would not want to know the stories of the women in the porn vids, right? Here in this site, we get to hear their thoughts, their rationale as to why they have come and knocked on the doors of the adult entertainment world. In the 700 plus vids worth 50 minutes to 80 minutes each, we’ll know that they do not just do it for the dough, but for fame, glory and meaning. There are photo galleries too that emphasize the greatness of each woman as she positions to be drilled or to be consumed in a moment’s love with the interviewer.

The narrative flow really adds up to the excitement of Casting Couch X. As real life portrayals, audition tapes and whatnot, it’s hard not to miss the exceptional passion that can be seen in every video and every photo of this glory-conferred porn media source.